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Shipping’s new technology ecosystem

November 15, 2021

The maritime technology ecosystem is evolving quickly and the shipping industry’s future most likely holds a multitude of alternative fuels and energy technologies. What’s already out there? Who’s building which technology and what does this new ecosystem look like? Here’s an overview.


  • This overview is TRL-agnostic, and lists (on-board hardware) technologies that are at different stages of development – from lab prototypes to commercially ready systems.
  • Several companies manufacture and supply batteries, fuel cells and other technologies mentioned here, but this overview is focused only on companies that are developing them for maritime deployment. It is also definitely not meant to be exhaustive; it includes companies that caught my attention during my research or ones that I have been following for a while.
  • I am aware that combustion engines, both mono- and dual- fuel options are being developed for different alternative fuels. They have been deliberately excluded as I believe electrification is the most advantageous way forward.
  • I intend to update this overview periodically, to include new technologies and companies.
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