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All I knew about ships when I stumbled into the maritime industry back in 2016 was what large container vessels looked like on the horizon. While growing up in a sunny seaside town in the nineties, my little brother and I used to walk down to the beach everyday to count how many vessels were sailing in. But, like the many people I’ve come to know and admire since I came into the industry, I’ve now been bitten by the shipping-bug, and would like nothing more than to see this complex and fascinating industry become climate positive.

We have to do everything we can to tackle climate change holistically, and leveraging cutting edge technologies is key to saving our planet. In my blog, I like to write about new ideas, business models and technologies being developed in other industries that could be applied in the maritime space, and potentially offer creative solutions to the challenges we face.

For all those people from outside the industry who say that enough isn’t being done in shipping, I hope that the ‘Ship Technologies‘ overview can persuade you that this is changing, and quickly. For insiders who are wondering whether large scale, complete decarbonisation is possible, I hope that this rapidly expanding plethora of possibilities convinces you that we will find not just one, but several ‘right’ solutions. And that should be a reason not to hesitate, but to sail confidently into the transformational times that lie ahead of us.

Prasanna Colluru

Header images: FelixMittermeier at Pixabay
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